Workshop 1: May 4th – What’s (Y)our Story?


Tuesday, May 4th | 5-7PM PT


Presenter(s): Migetu (Acfalle Gumataotao) Tuncap

Event Description: 2021 marks the 6th Annual Pacific Islanders Student Alliance Conference (PISACon) hosted for the first time as a Zoon Virtual Online Event. This means that we can be more inclusive than ever with participation from across the globe! Join PISA for the Opening Ceremony to kick-off an entire month of the virtual conference aimed at educating and informing the Pacific Islander community and allies about important factors affecting our people.

Everyone needs a place that brings them comfort and inspiration. For many, the Pacific Islander Student Alliance Conference is that place. Run and founded by students, PISACON brings people together from colleges and universities throughout Oregon and Washington to discuss issues facing the future of Pacific Islander communities.


  • PISACon Greeting & Welcome
  • Exploring our Conference theme: “Own (Y)Our Stories
  • Keynote speaker: Michael Tun`cap***
  • Live performance & After Party

***Tuncap is the co-founder of the Pacific Islander Studies Institute of Washington. His forthcoming book E RACED was featured in the historic 2009 Matamati: The Vasa in Us with Craig Santos Perez.

PISACon21 promises to be the best yet! Conference presenters will bring their perspectives on social issues facing our Pacific Islander communities ranging from the concepts of climate justice and identity ambiguity through discussions on food sovereignty and the language of Hawaii (Hawaiian language vs Pidgin) as well as exploring identity and the origins of A(ANH)PI as an umbrella term, among several other interesting presentations and offerings.

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