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Tafuna High School Football Team

Fiafia Night

On June 18th, the entire football team of Tafuna High School from American Samoa will arrive in Oregon to attend the University of Oregon’s football camp.  UO’s People of the Pacific (POP) student organization will be assisting in welcoming the football team.

POP will be bringing in Samoan speakers that will talk with the players, have a bbq, and later be entertained by what the Samoans call a Fiafia Night (literal trans: Happy Night)!!

Fiafia Night will be on June 19th
Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Location: Weasley Center (1236 Kincaid St)

Please join People Of the Pacific (POP) in efforts of hosting a good night for these guys.

Any help is appreciated, including donations.  POP is asking guests to bring any of the following with them to help contribute to their stay for a week:

-Bottled Water (Sports Drink)
-Granola Bars
-Chips (Variety Packs)

There will be about a total of 50 players coming, so please keep that in mind as you bring in your contributions. This isn’t an exhausted list either, so if you have other contributions you’d like to make, they are more than welcomed!

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