Talanoa Series at PISACON21

Students participating in the Talanoa Podcast at PISACON20 at Oregon State University.

Join us for our student Talanoa on May 11th 2021. This space will allow our participants to network with other student leaders and community members. There will be staff facilitators for break out rooms to help guide discussions. Students will be able to explore the resources, learning experiences and make suggestions for future PISA work. Workshop begins at 5pm, register here: http://bit.ly/PISA-talanoa

Follow the students networking, PISACON21 will host a Talanoa Series installation featuring Dr. Luhui Whitebear, Center Director of the Oregon State University (OSU) Native American Longhouse Eena Haws. Also featuring Dr. David Palaita, tenure professor of Critical Pacific Islander Studies at City College of San Francisco and committee member of the VASA Student Conference in the Bay Area.

Talanoa Guest for May 11th 2021 (bottom left: Dr. Luhui Whitebear, Top Right: Dr. David Palaita)

The Talanoa with both Dr. Whitebear and Palaita will be centered around our services provided to Pacific Islander students through their indigenous identity. As movement is taking place to disaggregate and move Pacific Islander identity away the term Asian Pacific Islander, what questions and concerns should we have as we “share” the identity as indigenous peoples. How does this project our work to speak for ourselves and remind in solidarity with our community partners.

For more information about this and other workshops for PISACON21, click on this link or email us at nwpisa@gmail.com

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