Hello folks! We are winding down to the last few moments before the amazing 1st ever PISA conference kicks off! Are you as excited as we are? Well you should be more excited because as of now, we are putting up the final Workshops that will be offered at the conference. Please look over which ones sound interesting to you and pick 1 workshop (plus a back-up one) that you would like to attend per session. And the workshops are…

Workshop Session I (9am-10:30am):

Makerusa Porotesano—Pacific Islands 101

Siniva Bennett— Our Pacific, Colonial Contact and Military Impact

Dr. Moli—Family Structure in Relation to Religion

John Saito— Healthcare Disparities in Pacific Islanders and Career Possibilities

Western State Center—Gender/Women Issues

Workshop Session II (11am-12:30pm):

John Saito—Who are you? Who am I?

Samuel Manuel—PIs and the Law

Akala Neves—I O Ai Ka Inoa O Na Kupuna E

Anselmo Villanueva—TBA

Dr. Toeutu—Samoan Tatau

Workshop Session III (2pm-3:30pm):

Makerusa Porotesano—Creating a PISA like Student Group: The New look for Pacific Islander Student Groupsl

Dr. Toeutu—Samoan Chief Systems

Akala Neves—Hula and Contemporary Hawaiian Culture

Kanani Martinez—Oregon University System

Fipe and Ria—Living two lives

Workshop Session IV (3:40pm-5:10pm):

Kanani Martinez—Students Panel

Census 2010—Pacific Islanders Count

Colin Kiley—Music and Cultural Significance (if time allows, bring island music to share)

*It would be a good idea to write down the workshops  you choose for each session and a back up as well, so you can be ready and prepared for conference! See you there!

**Please note, all workshops are scheduled only for Saturday January 16, 2010

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