Pacific Climate Justice: Our Fight to Save the World

Friday, May 7th | 5-7PM PT


Presenter(s): Makerusa Porotesano, Kevin Aipopo, Heifara Matutau, Trina Sound, Destiny Spicer-Orak,

Event Description: Why is Climate Justice important to Pacific Islanders? Especially in the US and folx in the diaspora. A lot of students in the diaspora (born outside the islands) might feel a disconnect to movements happening in Oceania, but the call to save our islands needs us more than ever. Learn how our Pacific Islander Climate Justice works, who’s involved and how this can be the movement that connects our identities, history and relationship climate justice. 

Our local PDX team will lead the first part of the workshop and then we will include our members of our global team to share why this work is important on the islands and why they need us in the US.

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