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Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership:

CAPAL is a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) youth by increasing access to public service opportunities and building a strong AANHPI public service pipeline. You can learn more about CAPAL’s programming on their website here.

CAPAL is now accepting applicants for the 2019 CAPAL Public Service Scholarship and Internship Program from November 19 to February 14 at 11:59 PM EST. You can learn more about the program on CAPAL’s website here

Navigating Pacific Scholarship:

This page is dedicated to providing scholarly resources for our Oceania scholars. As we grow this page, we hope that more of our community resources will share their work.

If you have something you would like to share with PISA, please contact us at or leave a message in the comment area below:

Lani Wednt Young:


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Our Stories – Tala mai le Moana, is an attempt to create a resource guide to stories from Oceania.  I compiled this list in response to multiple requests for leads to books by Samoan and Pasifika/Oceania writers, and for recommendations of stories ‘written by us, for us, and about us’.

This is by no means an exhaustive all-knowing all-seeing list. It is simply a listing of books and authors I have read and enjoyed, OR books that I think look intriguing and are on my TBR list! It is a forever growing list because our people are great storytellers and I am excited to discover more new writing every day.

A few things to note, ie Disclaimers…

  1. This is MY list. Not an academic course list for a Pacific Literature paper at university. Interpret that as you will.
  2. My list centers ‘indigenous’ writers from Oceania. I have included some indigenous Australian and New Zealand (Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander and Maori) writers. It also includes Pasifika writers who live in countries outside the Pacific. (Noting that gets a bit messy sorry!)
  3. My list centers books set in Oceania. It also includes Pasifika authors writing fantastic fiction set in lots of other places.
  4. Fiction is my love, so my list is Fiction loving.
  5. I tried to organise my list into Young Adult, Middle Grade, Adult books, but it got a bit messy because as a child/teenager, I was reading and enjoying lots of books that are classed as ‘Adult’. So what I consider Young Adult may not fit YOUR idea of YA? When I put a comment on books saying they’re probably more ‘adult’, it’s only because I wasn’t too interested in them as a teen. But your teens may love it.
  6. My list does not include children’s picture books or plays.
  7. Some authors have many titles and I may have only included a few of them. Please look them up and find their other fabulous works.
  8. There are many good novels set in Oceania and about Pasifika people that are written by palagi/non-Pasifika authors, but I have chosen not to focus on those because my goal is to center stories written BY “us”. (There might be a couple in here though?)

I hope you find this list helpful as you seek out the vast, rich and diverse stories of Oceania. It is a resource-in-progress, so please do write in your suggestions and links to other Oceania writers that are not on here. Yet!

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