Address for Lunch Option on Friday of PISA Conference 2020

On behalf of the Pacific Islander Student Alliance we would like to issue the following statement on our “lunch option” for Friday’s lunch:

” Talofa, my name is Makerusa “mak” Porotesano, the founder of the Pacific Islander Student Conference. On behalf of our leadership team and student leaders, I would like to issue this formal apology to our college and university guests at this years conference. On our schedule we listed a lunch option for Friday March 6th, upon arrival.

We realize that the lunch option we provided did not fulfill or meet our standards of what a per diem would cover for lunch. The lunch option was not enough to feed our students properly, especially after some of our communities traveled 5-6 hours to be at the conference. 

The cost of registration for our conference is heavily subsidized and unfortunately, does not cover any ability for us to reimburse folks for having to spend their own funds to feed their students. 

As our conference continues to grow, we promise to improve on our previous mistakes. We hope you continue to grow with us and to support our future conferences.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we will grow from this experience. 

Makerusa Porotesano M.Ed – PISA Founder

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