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“The Pacific Islander Student Alliance (PISA) offers a critical, welcoming and engaging experience for Pacific Islander students. Through leadership programs, campus organizing and community advocacy, PISA will create new student leaders. PISA looks to strengthens cultural identity, protocol and methodology of the Pacific Islander student in Higher Education. Through our alliance we will connect our communities ensuring Pacific Islanders have the means to a successful navigation of their collegiate experience. PISA is student founded and centered, all are welcome”

Please contact us at nwpisa@gmail.com for more information.

Version 1 of constitution: (Updated version will be provided after PISA conference 2019)



Article I-Organization Name and Acronym

A) Pacific Islander Student Alliance (PISA)

1. PISA shall remain in regional chapters in which each chapter may create its own name

2. Name changes must be approved during regional meetings

i. Only at regional meetings may the name be changed

Article II-Purpose

A) The purpose of PISA will be to improve the Pacific Islander student experience at the secondary and higher education levels.  PISA looks to empower the Pacific Islander students by creating positive educational experiences that reflect the best wishes of the institution and cultural upbringing of our members.

Article III-Authority and Power

A) PISA will work at National and Regional levels

B) Order of Power

1. National

2. Regional

C) National

1. The National Chapter will be represented by members of the Regional Chapters

2. Only Regional Officers and Representatives may take part in National affairs

D) Regional

1. The Regional Chapters will be represented by the members of local student groups

2. Everyone in the Region may take part in Regional affairs

Article IV-Membership

A) PISA membership works on three levels

1. Groups

2. Individuals

3. Volunteers

B) Groups can join PISA by completing the following:

1. Filling out a Membership Form

2. Turning in their Membership Fee

3. Attending a PISA meeting/event

i. By signing up your group, all members on your current roster are general members of PISA

C) Individuals may join PISA if:

1. Their school does not have a Pacific Islander related student group

2. Their student group does not wish to join PISA

3. They are not a part of a student group

D) Volunteers may join PISA by:

1. Filling out a volunteer sign up form

2. Attending PISA events and actively volunteering

E) Types of Memberships

1. Executive Members

i. Board members with officer positions

2. Board Members

i. General members who have attended at least one PISA meeting

3. General Members

i. Those who consider themselves affiliates of PISA

PISA does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, national origin, age, height/weight ratio, or disability.

Article VI-Meetings

A) National Level

1. Meetings must be held at least, once a year

2. Quorum must be met in order to have a meeting (50% plus one)

i. Attendance is counted for by attending member(s) of each Region

ii. Attendance can accounted for by physical and technological presence

B) Regional Level

1. Meetings must be held at least, three times a year

2. Quorum must be met in order to have a meeting (50% plus one)

i. Attendance is counted by the following ways:

(a) Only one member of school needs to attend to count as one vote towards quorum

(b) Each school represented counts as one vote, not by how many people are in attendance

Article VII-Elections/Selection Process for Leadership

A) National and Regional Levels

1. Selection process can be made through the following steps:

i. No one person may nominate themselves for election.  Only through the nomination of another person may someone take office

(a) Any person elected into the Vice President position must have already served one full term as a general member of PISA

ii. Person nominated must accept or decline their nomination

iii. Each nomination must be spoken for (i.e. the person who is making the nomination must explain why they nominated their candidate)

Article VIII-Nomination/Voting Process

A) The following nominations and voting process will be determined by the following members

1. Executive Board Members

2. Board Members

3. General Members

B) Voting Rights

1. Only the following members will be allowed to nominate and vote:

i. Executive Board Members

ii. Board Members

2. The following members will only be allowed to entertain nominations and voting:

i. General Members

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