PISA Council

PISA Council 2020-2021

The Pacific Islander Student Alliance is excited to announce the PISA Council and application!!!

As we move towards our fourth consecutive PISA Conference (PISACON), we hope to expand on our efforts to remain student-led by creating the PISA Council. PISA Council will consist of 1 or 2 representatives from our supporting universities and colleges to help plan PISACON21.

Founder Makerusa Porotesano with Students and supporters of PISA during the Talanoa Podcast.

PISA Council is more than our planning team, its a leadership opportunity. Throughout the year, PISA Council members will receive training, mentoring, and advising from Pacific Islander staff and faculty members from our alliance.

To help our students grow in their leadership, PISA is planning to host retreats with our newly formed council to help foster the leadership, facilitation, and communication skills. Our students will also have access to critical Pacific Islander scholarship, cultural practitioners, and community organizers.

For those who are interested in joining our council, please fill out this application.

As we continue to move forward with our student-led approach, we are excited to move forward with new leadership and edger voices for our alliance. The work ahead will be long and we hope that everyone involved is up to the task.

This application is your opportunity to expand your leadership development as well as your network within our PISA family. As a representative of this alliance, we strongly ask you to consider the following recommendations and requirements before filling out this application. These recommendations are only to let us know what support you have coming into this role (if selected) and have considered the best way to represent the schools you attend.

1) You have professional staff mentor on campus who can support your work with PISA and be in touch with our PISA professional Staff team.

2) You prioritize PISACON and all PISA meetings for the rest of the year. This means turning down other opportutnties if they interfer with PISA meetings/events/mandates.

3) You remain enrolled as an active student (Spring 20, Fall 20, Winter 21) during this leadership opportunity.

4) You identify as a Pacific Islander.

5) We will only be taking (at the most) 2 people from each campus. If you represent a student organization, then please talk with your team and be strategic about who represents your group. Also, know that not everyone who identifies as Pacific Islander on your campus is apart of your student organization, so we may open up the opportunity to someone outside of your group. No application is guarenteed.

6) Attend a Weekend Retreat in the Spring and Fall terms (Tentative due to Coronanvirus)